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The Poumai Naga Tribe is one of the biggest tribes among the Nagas predominantly inhabiting in the Senapati District of Manipur. They have their own unique and enriched cultural and traditional customs. There are Sixty Six (66) Poumai Naga Villages with an approximate population of nearly 1,60,000 (1 Lakh and sixty thousand) and 18891 house hold. The language of the Poumai is called "Poula", It has a myriads ways of expression and humors in communicating to each other. Poula is unique and very rich in language. Poumai Naga Tribe is one of the major and oldest tribes among the Naga tribes. They have a number of festivals, songs, dances and other performing arts. Poumais are well known for their bright and colorful traditional attires and costumes with wonderful designs. Their accessories are also considered to be one of the best among the Nagas of Southern Nagalim.

Poumais are well known for their courage and gentleness in the society. The Poumais are deeply associated with Operation Blue Bird where one of the worst Human Rights violation in the occurred during this operation. It is also known as the Oinam Case where 21 villages surrounding the Oinam village was badly affected by this operation launched by the Indian Armed Forces. It is the first case which challenges the Government of India in the United Nation. It was represented by Ms Nandita Haksar lawyer Supreme Court of India and Mr Sebastian Muishang Hongray in United Nation Proceeding in New York.Due to the pressure from the international Human Rights Body the Government of India was forced to have Human Rights Commission after the Oinam incident so the National Human Rights Commission of India was formed in 1994.


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It was rarest of the rare case where many were raped, killed and torture and two pregnant women were force to deliver their baby in front of the Public and Indian soldier in the open play ground. The case was fought in the Indian Supreme Court but the judgment was never delivered till today. Victims are still hoping that they will get the Justice even after 20 years of the Oinam incident. Poumais have seen and witness many hardship yet today they are still the proud sons and daughters of Nagalim. Nagas will always remember the contributions made by the Poumais in the Naga history.

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